Regretfully we have decided that our only responsible course in these
unprecedented times is to CANCEL this year’s Friendship Walk, which was
to have been held on Thursday 11 June. We hope to see you all in 2021;
meanwhile, please stay safe.

Welcome to the Oxford Council of Faiths…

We are representatives and members from many different faiths, who believe that what unites us is much more important than what divides us. You can see us walking together through Oxford each year in June, on the annual Friendship Walk.   See Diary for other meetings and activities.

Aims and Objects:

• To promote good relations and respect between people of different faith communities in Oxford.
• To foster friendship trust and mutual understanding between peoples of all faiths and to improve communication links between the faith communities.
• To liaise with social and civic organisations in order to receive their concerns, and to disseminate information to members of the Council on their behalf as appropriate.
• Encourage social activity and disseminate information about interfaith activities to people of all ages in the local community.
• To consult and to co-operate in religious, racial and social issues and other matters of material concern and speak out when appropriate.
• To promote projects, meetings and events whereby faiths can inform people of all ages in the local community about their beliefs and traditions.
• To work together against prejudice of all kinds and to seek solutions of problems experienced by local faith communities in the practice of their religion.
• To raise funds by means, and for causes, agreed by the Council.


The full constitution is available here

City of Sanctuary

Oxford is a city of sanctuary – more details here


Our current policy is here

Our story

A fuller account of the development of OXCOF is here