Friendship Walk


Regretfully we have decided that our only responsible course in these
unprecedented times is to CANCEL this year’s Friendship Walk, which was
to have been held on Thursday 11 June. We hope to see you all in 2021;
meanwhile, please stay safe.

We hold an annual Friendship walk starting from the Synagogue, Richmond Road, walking via the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, and ending at the Central Mosque in Manzil Way.

The Walk starts at the Jewish centre (the synagogue) in Richmond Road OX1 2JL at 6.15 pm.

We walk via St Giles churchyard and then via Radcliffe Square (the University Church of St Mary the Virgin), and finish at the Central Mosque in Manzil Way.

It’s useful if everyone arrives at the synagogue a little before the start. There will be refreshments in Radcliffe Square and also after the end of the Walk, outside the Mosque.

The 2018 Friendship Walk was on Thursday 28 June

Setting off from the Synagogue

Broad Street

St. Giles churchyard

Outside the Central Mosque

In Manzil Way

Passing the Bridge of Sighs

Here is a link to the Oxford Mail report of last year’s walk

…and here is a page of our pictures from 2013

Here is an account of the 2012 walk, from Baljeet, a new participant on the Walk:
It was our first time at the Interfaith Friendship Walk… the first thing I saw when the congregation came into view was the balloons. The bright colourful balloons… all of different colours moving in harmony in the hands of the many beautiful people who had come together to show that we are all one people… Almost everyone had a smile on their face: what a joyful thing to be part of! Along the Walk we spoke to different people of different faiths, all sharing a common message of love. At each point we stopped we heard a prayer from a different faith… of oneness, peace and love. There was the generosity of the free food, drinks and nibbles from various faiths… a sharing of love, and an acceptance of everyone.
I feel so blessed to have been part of this, and I am ever so grateful for knowing of this Interfaith Friendship Walk.

…and a gallery from 2011